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Friday, April 22, 2011

Tacos! And Kool-Aid?

So tonight for dinner, I made tacos. When I think of tacos, and Mexican food in general, I have learned that I dispise Tex-Mex.  Taco Hell, Chevy's and Chipotle just don't do it for me. You will  realize the negative effect they have on our culture once you have taken the time and energy to make your own tortillas or tamales (drive to El Burrito). Or if your weird sister doesn't like corn tortillas, you pickle jalepenos! or maybe you have the guts to walk into the hole in the wall down the street and eat the first thing you can't pronounce. Then and only then will you (i hope!) appreciate how good real Mexican food is.
Tonight we have Beef in salsa Verde, rice, pick de gallo, and the trimmings, cilantro, pickled jalepeno, quest fresco (actually I prefer feta!) and guacamole. No corn tortillas, but like I said, my sister is weird.
P.S.  we like to drink lime marguarita Kool-Aid on Taco nights. Tequila and I are not friends.

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