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Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Memorial Weekend, and Mini Rants

So Memorial weekend is over and summer has (hopefully, for the love of god, or gaia or whatever you place your faith in today) ARRIVED!  My weekend was busy.  Started with a high school graduation on Saturday (smart school).  Then to celebrate my nephew Logan's 1st Birthday on Sunday.  Avoiding the omnipresence of the ELMO, my sis decided we were going the COOKIE MONSTER route.  We had 3 years of ELMO with my first nephew, Cooper, so this was welcome and celebrated.  We (my sister Alise, not the turd in my pocket) took on the responsibility of the cake, or 30 as it ended up being.  We pilfered this idea for COOKIE MONSTER cupcakes.

little time consuming but well worth it.  We upped the ante by filling the little monsters with caramel before icing to bring the chocolate cake and coconut topping together.  And yes, everything from scratch.  The important thing was that little Logan enjoyed himself.

After all the brutal weather Sunday and Monday morning (including a dark stormy Farmers Market run)m I realized I NEEDED TO GRILL!  
It's Memorial weekend!
I believe it is written somewhere in the bylaws of the US Constitution.
Somewhere between having guns and Women's Right to Vote.
Memorial weekend MUST, upon penalty of death  (or at the least a firm stoning) have one(1) meal prepared over open flames, thus called a barbecue.
Look it up. I dare ya.
So after the black skies dissipated and it became hot, muggy and exactly what I've been waiting for since the winter from HELL! (or, again, whatever you believe in), the grill was fired up.

Fired Roasted Onions and Sweet Peppers

Grilled Organic Chicken Andouille

Along with Marinated Cucumbers and Vine Ripened Tomatoes and some Rosemary Olive Oil bread from the local Costco, dinner was served.
Unwritten Law abidden by.  Great weekend, finished with a relaxing bang. 

Now about this frisky, uncooperative weather.....

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