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Monday, March 1, 2010

My Garden (or the lives and times of a brown thumb)

So I got real excited about three weeks ago to start an herb garden. I like having fresh
herbs around and I have a nice Terra Cotta pot for them to grow. I went out, bought
some seeds, potting soil and some little cups to start them in. Seeds make me nervous. When you go to the spring farmers market, they have all these herbs that have already sprouted and all you have to do it transplant them. Easy. Seeds are like taking the power of life into your hands. You plant, water, add sun, wait and hope. It can be really exciting. So three weeks later, here we are. Six of the nine pots I planted have sprouted and they are growing everyday. I didn't label them, so I don't know what herbs were duds to plant again but I'm real excited they are doing well! Take a look!

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