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Friday, May 28, 2010

The first step to world peace

So I came up with this theory last Labor Day (also National Bacon Day) that I feel would bring peace to the middle east. The Muslims and the Jews have been at war since...the beginning of time? and what do they have in common? They don't eat pork. They've never experiences that comfort and joy of a thick, crispy piece of bacon. No great memories of the smoke and aroma of fat dripping on the coals from a rack of baby back ribs. No salami. No Lardo. No chicharrones! One doesn't live until one's had a taco, filled with roasted achiote spiced pork shoulder, a little onion, cilantro and lime. Ask the guy in Hong Kong what he'd do without his whole roast suckling pig? South Carolinians without there whole hog BBQ? Germany without all their wurts? Pork makes the world go 'round! It makes human beings happy. Now we just need our friends of Judaism and the Nation of Islam to join the rest of us who know (albeit, not always successfully) how to be happy.

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