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Monday, February 8, 2010

A day off in the middle of winter.

So it is a Monday. It's snowing like a banshee from hell, but it is Minnesota for god's sake. I'm in process of writing an outline of for a book. As you can see I'm not much of a writer but I have ideas and I think more than one person at a time needs to hear them. I'm at my place of employment having a beer, listening to some Bob Dylan and Blondie, typing, thinking and typing. I work at a busted ass restaurant in an even worse part of the country. People here, meaning the clientele, are classless, culture-less and for the most part disrespectful. I wasn't a racist until I returned back to the Midwest from Culinary School in Louisiana. People in Minnesota have a chip on their shoulder. I experienced what true and brutal racism was in Louisiana. African Americans here in the Midwest have no fucking idea. They all think everything is owed to them, liked they have been oppressed for years! Most of them aren't even old enough to know what that oppression was. In Minnesota, which is one of the most liberal, most giving and free states in the union, these people want to say they are oppressed!?! They're are some bad parts of Minneapolis, don't get me wrong, but these areas are also the most helped by the government. What does that tell you? It screams of laziness and lack of motivation to me. Why not do something for yourself instead of asking the government to do it for you? I used to live in NE Minneapolis and would have to go over to N Minneapolis to get groceries. I was there one day and there were some solicitors outside garnering support to call the Governor and the Senators to give them more money to clean up their streets. It's your problem! I don't feel I should have to pay for your fucked up culture and societal problems! It starts with the family. It starts with respect for yourself and for others. No one is owed anything in life. You need to earn everything you've got and guess what, a grill in your mouth, rims on your "85 Seville, or a pair of the new Jordan's isn't gonna do it Brotha!

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