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Monday, July 27, 2009

Oh August (sigh)

So the peak of summer is here and the busiest time for me is here. Between my serving job, Football starts August 3rd. Coaching is a joy for me. It allows me to be out of my element a little and have a good time. The hardest thing for me is watching my mouth. Professional kitchens can be down right brutal. So can a football field, but these are 6th graders. At the end of August I will be running the King's Feast kitchen at the Minnesota Renaissance Festival, trying to take mass quantity and turn it into an eye opening dining experience. 6 courses, 85 guests, 3 times daily. And that's the easy part. Good fun. I've come up with an idea to write a book recently. I need to iron out the flaws in the delivery and nail down a solid outline before I even think about writing one word. I believe my premise is solid, however, people need to read it to find that out. It could change the restaurants, and the world forever.
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